Brandon Barash

Brandon Barash


10/4/1979, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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Brandon Joseph Barash


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Born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Calabasas, California, Brandon is a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene. The talented Brandon attended high school in Texas where he fell in love with theatre. Brandon continued to hone his acting skills throughout school and eventually ended up at…more


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    • Brandon: I'm a Libra, the Scales. I like to think I'm a balanced individual. But it all depends on which day you catch me.

    • Brandon: I collect original vinyl records, but I have only listened to about half of the ones I own…maybe I need more downtime…na, I don't think so.

    • Brandon: I love music. That has to be one of my most intense passions. I love both playing and listening to it. By playing I mean the piano and I have just recently taken on the harmonica, talk about a fun instrument.

    • Brandon: I was a drama kid torn between my original dream and plans of becoming a cardiac surgeon vs. a new found love and dream of the actor. I think I gave most of my family a heart attack (no pun intended) when I made the decision. However, they have been 110% supportive of my dream the whole way through.

    • Brandon: My dad, when I was in high school, was and still is, a strong advocate of those things we call extra-curricular activities. He was all over me to find something to do. Well, without my knowing about it, my girlfriend at that time had gotten me an audition for the school musical. She did this because my family had always encouraged me to explore theatre, since from the time I was about five; I have been entertaining my family with silly impressions and such, so they encouraged me to do something with it.

    • Brandon: I was obsessed with basketball. I carried one with me everywhere I went.

    • Brandon: (When asked: What is the atmosphere on the Gilmore Girls set like?) Beyond pleasant. This is not what I expected. I say this because this was my first job, and I would have expected the set of a major television show to be NUTS. It wasn't. Yes, everything moves at such a fast pace from moment to moment, there's always somebody doing something and it seems like there's always a time deadline. Sounds pretty stressful, but the set of Gilmore Girls is quite the opposite. I don't even think you could find any semblance of an attitude in the place if you turned it upside down. Every person, whether they are a set dresser, actor, producer or director, is an utter joy to be around. Hopefully, every set I work on is like this one.

    • Brandon: (On Gilmore Girls) Well, I have to honestly admit to never having seen the show before actually auditioning. I had heard of it, but never actually seen it. Now, after I was cast, that is a different story. I did my homework and began watching the show so I could see what it was all about. I figured this would help me best in telling the story I was getting ready to tell through Jamie.