Brandon DiCamillo

Brandon DiCamillo


11/15/1976, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Birth Name

Brandon Ralph DiCamillo



Also Known As

Fast Eddie, Dico, Bran
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Brandon DiCamillo was born in West Chester Pennsylvania in 1976. He has been good friends with Bam Margera since high school which ended up leading him to be one of the original members of the Jackass and CKY crew. He is part of the bands Gnarkill and The…more


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    • Brandon: And today, good sirs, I will stick my lance far beyond where the light of our world shines, deep into the colon of our enemy. Sir Bam-a-lot, you will feel a lot of my lance in your ***.

    • Brandon: The most important element of breaking into a house is a flashlight, a flashlight will keep ya' on target. You don't wanna be stumblin' around, and it will make it a lot crista-crystal-cleaner and crystal like Saran Wrap you S.O What?, and I'll never tell you a lie 'cause we're gonna get you through this successfully and you wanna have all the stuff were givin' ya now.