Brandon Douglas





6/21/1968 , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Birth Name

Brandon Douglas Sokolosky




Attended Trinity Christian Academy, Addison, Texas

He shares a birthday with HRH Prince William of Wales (June 21, 1982). He is left handed.

Stats: He is 5'10. Brown hair and beautiful greenish-brown eyes (there's been a lot of dispute on the color. some say blue, some say green)

Pets: Black Lab named Saidie

Favorite Foods: Sushi (I think that's how you spell it) and Italian

Favorite TV Shows: Friends & DQ (yes, he watches DQ) :o)

Favorite Music: Classic Rock (The Rolling Stones ect) and Country (Garth Brooks)

Off the Set: Brandon loves golf, sailing, fixing up classic cars, riding horses, and construction work on his house. (What doesn't this man do?!) :o)

Favorite Vacation Spot: Germany. "I'd like to get a house there one day." he told me.

What a chairitable guy! It seems Brandon volunteers for the Star Light Foundation. Basicly, it's just like Make A Wish Foundation, which gives terminally ill children a chance to meet celebrities, or go on a dream vacation. What a sweetie. :o)

Actor vs Lawyer: To answer this question, Brandon began by saying, "I sorta fell into acting." During the summer between his Jr. and Sr. year of high school, Brandon was ready to graduate and go to law school in Texas. His friend's mother in San Antonio told him about a talent scout who would be visiting, so they met, and Brandon got a role in a low budget movie called "Papa was a Preacher". He missed the first semester of his senior year filming the movie. But, it was worth it! "I fell in love with acting. I couldn't be happier doing this." He said.

Car Fetish: As said above, Brandon loves fixing up old cars. He has completely rebuilt one car, and he also loves motorcycles. As far as I know, he only has one.

Past, Present, and Future: In middle school, Brandon played football, and wrestled. He disliked school, but still made OK grades. Now, Brandon loves working on DQ. "I'm very happy to be working here." He said, "The people here are very nice." In his future, Brandon wants to produce films. He would like to try the creative side of Hollywood.