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  • Talented

    Brandon Lee talented, Also I was wondering is Brandon Lee related to oscar winner Agne{not sure if that is spelled right} Lee. Probably not. It is a common last name. His perfomance in the crow was perfect 5 stars.Just really sad that he didn't go go on to do more.
  • A talented actor and often misunderstood

    Brandon Lee is my all-time favourite actor. His performance in his final and excellent last film "The Crow" (1994) in which he met his death by gunshot from a faulty prop gun was inspirational to say the least.

    In life outside and inside of film he was often misunderstood. In film people wanted him to follow in the same footsteps of his father the legendary Bruce Lee. But he cared more about acting roles rather than martial art action roles.

    He did say though once during an interview for The Crow that he would like to return to martial art films, but it seems that Hollywood wanted to exploit his surname.

    He made a very wise decision in accepting the role of Eric Draven in The Crow and it is unfortunate that this talented man died at such a young age in the very peak of his career.

    You will be missed Brandon and forever remembered through your talent and film.
  • hes the son of martial arts ledgend bruce lee. he died whille making a film "the crow".

    i think hes was the best acter in america. i really liked the last film he played in (the crow). he done a good job in all his flms.
    its sad he died and its sad that his dad died.
    i think we will never have any other acter like brandon lee. hes the best :)