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  • funny guy.

    Brandon Novak is one of my favorite people on Viva La Bam. Whenever I see hegoing to be on, I know it's going to be a great show. Stating the obvious he is very hot. But beside that one of the reasons I like him is because he is funny, and he is not afraid to speak his mind. I like when he is on Viva La Bam and he portays his nicknames, Nudie Novak, Life Partner, etc. That's the best. Also when he was on Bam's Unholy Union and he was being annoying but he was hilarious. I can't wait for his movie Dream Seller to come out but that won't be for a while since he recentle relapsed. I can't wait to see him in other things.
  • Basically everything you wan't to know about Viva La Bam's Nudie Novak is right here....

    Well since there isn't any information on Nudie Novak I sapose I should put what I know about him sence it's so hard to find info on him. Well his name is Brandon Novak. His Nicknames are: The Dream Seller, Dead Beat Dad, DBD, Life Partner, Furniture Boy, Nudie Novak, Heroin Novak, Novocain
    He was Born in Baltimore Maryland
    His Current Resident: Castle Bam, West Chester PA
    Birthdate: Decemeber 10th, 1978
    Siblings: 1 Sister, 1 Brother
    Bad habits: Smoking, owing people money & when he did heroin.
    Good hobbies: Skateboarding.
    Single?: Never
    Ever ran from the police?: Yes.
    Regrets?: Doing heroin.
    Music: Rock.
    Peircings?: None.
    Tattoos?: Dreamseller on his lower back. Lord Pray For Me on his right arm. Fate on the left of his neck. no more fuckin heroin on his lower stomach.
    He doesn't have his license, or so he says..
    He's ran from the police, apparently he's to swift for them to catch him lol. He think's people who do drugs are intresting, well lots of people think that. He likes to listen to the song "Baby" by Melody club when he did OR does heroin.
    The first time he realized he had a different purpose on this planet other then doing heroin was when one of his best friends died in his arms when they where both doing heroin together, Something he said was "One day, we get dope, we each cook the same amount put the same amount in the needle, I put mine in me, he puts his in his, arm, and we just do the same amount of heroin, he drops dead in my arms, I live, so that's when I realized maybe there's something more then heroin in life."
    Once he accidently put bleach into his needle and actually inserted it without knowing. "I just sat in this dark corner and just thought about my life and how fucked I am. Thats all I could do." He thinks the song 'Sink into the underground' by CKY is about him.
    His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
    He's been kicked in the nuts & slapped to many times to count.
    He won a sled racing contest between him, Bam, Dunn, Brandon and Raab. He shaved the top of his head because of a drunken bet. When it comes to testing the temp' of water, he's the one to do it. He's making a book based on his life and also making a movie called "The Dream Seller" which is about his life.
    He hate's girls who skateboard.
    He once was chased by an aligator when he was pudhed into a lake. He thinks the word 'trying' is a set up word for value.
    He get's paranoid when people annouce his name at airports or at any possible place.
    His dad got tooken to a mental place and is now in a wheel chair.. His dad burned down his own 9 hundred dollar house *not his sons house* do to crack use.
    He got eternal detention in middle school.
    He loves the drink Washington apple, he thinks it's just like drinking water.
    Bam and Novak went to see where Novaks dad like shot up and smoked and shit and when they turned the corner, there was this like haggard ass dad in a wheel chair on the corner, looked like he was begging for money but he was loaded he owned a ranch and he owned a hot tub an a pool.
    According to Novak his dad got all that money from selling drugs. Also Novak's moms boyfriend hates novak..
    He thinks the last high is the worst...lots of people think that though. He has saposivley taken 7 inch's of acid at one time.
    Any way I love Novak he's funny, cute, and very daring. At times he may be kinda creepy but I'm still a big fan. Ya gotta love him.