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    • Novak has recently finished writing his novel, Dreamseller, and it is to be released in stores September 2008.

    • Novak has a tattoo on his right arm that says "Lord Pray For Me".

    • Novak was kicked out of rehab in Scranton, Pennsylvania, because they found heroin pills in his bag. He claimed that they were "planted" on him.

    • Novak is a member of the CKY Crew (camp kill yourself), along with Bam Margera.

    • Being a friend of Ville Valo, he is known to be the muse of the HIM song Killing Loneliness, several times on the UK April Tour, Ville Valo said that the title refers to the reason Brandon Novak used heroin, "To kill the loneliness."

    • On December 26, 2005, Novak arranged to engage in sexual activities with two North Philadelphia hookers on Bam's SIRIUS Satellite Radio show Radio Bam. SIRIUS got wind of the plan and cut the show off early. To this day Radio Bam is still the only show to ever be abruptly taken off the air by SIRIUS.

    • Novak has a sister and a brother.

    • His best-friend Bam Margera claimed on Radio Bam that Novak relapsed in March 2007 and was seeking treatment in a rehabilitation clinic.

    • Brandon has finished working on a book called The Dream Seller which is based on his life and experiences with heroin in Baltimore which is co-written with Joseph Frantz.

    • Novak's nicknames include Dream Seller (for selling his dreams left and right), Dead Beat Dad (Knocked girl up on one night stand, and not being able to support his child), Nudie Novak (Doesn't think twice about getting naked in public), Life Partner (to Bam), and Heroin Novak.

    • Dooli, his character's name in Haggard: The Movie (2003), was the real nickname of his dealer in northwest Baltimore.

    • He lives with Bam Margera.

    • On the January 23, 2006 episode of Radio Bam on SIRIUS Satellite Radio and again on the April 3, 2006 episode, Novak was absent from the show while he attended rehab for addiction to pills.

    • Novak claims to make "fast company" with numerous girls each night and tells about it on Radio Bam.

    • Novak likes rap music.

    • Novak's first child, son Jackson Andrew, was born on December 5, 2005.

    • He is a recovering heroin addict.

    • Brandon Novak is often referred just as "Novak".

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