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  • "Necklace, Necklace, Necklace, Necklace....where's my necklace?" was a quote from an outcast of Brandon's exclusive Friend Group. Exclusive to others and dramatic, he really made the season, and the show worth watching.

    Brandon Quinton first graced the audiences of America on the very first episode of Survivor 3: Africa captivating audiences' hearts. But, really, hadn't he done it before the show started? When the contestants were announced online, and we knew that he was bringing something as frivolous as chapstick as his luxury item, who didn't think he'd be a shoe-in to win.
    With a friend group reminiscent of Lindsay Lohan's own "Mean Girls," the young, attractive group rightfully fought against the older, uglier members of their tribe. Please. Just because they didn't find the old people as interesting (or nice, even) as their own group is certainly not just cause for calling them b!tchy. No, my friends, they were b!tchy for reason all unto themselves. And why shouldn't they be. If I wanted to exclude people from a certain situation, the very first thing I would do would be to make the few people I did like necklaces and then flaunt them about.
    And who could forget dear Brandon trying desperately to shoot a flaming arrow at some target. Yes, there were great times we had until "Black Thursday" when we had to say goodbye to Brandon, not knowing that the next week he would show up in the jury wearing a sarong.