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    • Brandon (on if he heard from any of the artists he sang back-up for during his run on "Idol"): Anastacia -- I've been singing with her the longest, and we're the closest of all the people I worked for. She's just so loving and so supportive of what I'm doing. She's always told me that I can go beyond being a background singer. So it was really nice to hear from her.

    • Brandon: My roommate for the most of the show had been Phil. We changed locations, and it had become Chris Sligh. Phil and I had become really close. And I had only been living with Sligh for a week, but we're all friends and we're all close. It's like trying to pick your favorite sibling. Inside the 'Idol' bubble, you're sort of closed off from the outside world.

    • Brandon (on his experience with Diana Ross): She's an absolute sweetheart but incredibly intimidating -- not by anything she says or does, but just by her presence. It made me so nervous. She told me nerves are the same as excitement. She told me to find my center and concentrate on finding my peace in performance.

    • Brandon (on if performing first had something to do with his elimination): I think going first is a double-edged sword. If I'd have gone out there and knocked it out the park, it would have been a great thing for me. But you can't be the first one to go out and forget your words and not have the fan base to be your parachute.

    • Brandon (on what he wants to do after "Idol"): A slow but sure takeover of the world: (Laughs) I honestly feel like the sky is the limit. I am so proud to be in the Top 12 and I hope I can use it to help kick-start my career and music.

    • Brandon (on why he forgot the lyrics): I wish I could chalk it up to nerves or pressure. But honestly it was me having too good of a time. I went out there, had a great time, did my little dance -- my little hip shimmy -- and the crowd screamed. And I was like, "Wow! This is awesome. What the heck are the words?"

    • Brandon (on what he would have done different): I would probably have picked better songs that showed the range of some of the bigger qualities of my voice. I think I would have done a better job of making myself stand out vocally like some people were waiting for me to do. I picked songs that I liked, but not songs that could have showed off my voice.

    • Brandon (on how he felt about losing to Sanjaya): I didn't lose to anybody. I just got the least amount of votes.

    • Brandon (on if he wasn't surprised he went over Sanjaya): No, you sort of get a feeling when it's about time for you to go. I messed up my words and I hadn't created enough momentum musically to sustain a mistake like that.

    • Brandon (on what went through his mind right before being eliminated): I absolutely knew it was coming. I really felt at peace with the decision.

    • Brandon: A lot of people were waiting for me to live up to my first audition, and when you never return to that top form, it's a disappointment.