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  • An amazig actor

    I even didnt notice that there was Superman returns back in 2006 (my mind was full of other things then, sorry) but I noticed this film and the actor Brandon Routh in September 2014. I watched Superman returns on . just by pure chance. And ... it was so amazing. I thought `okay, when will they bring a new Superman-film with Brandon Routh? And I was more than shocked, to see that they wont let him act as Superman, again. And actually I dont understand this decision. He gave Superman such a wonderful charisma, a heart and warmth... By his special way of creating Superman he gave something of his own and also he gave enough space to let shine Christopher Reeves spirit through. It was more than brilliant. And also in his other movies - he is really great. He has a very deep facial play. Hes ( one of ) the best actor(s) ... and I guess Hollywood seems to be blind.
  • Love as "Superman".

    Good actor and handsome.
  • Brandon Routh is Superman!

    Brandon Routh really is Superman but he did a great job in the movie Superman Returns. Even though in the box office Superman didn't do great, since it only earned less than 200 million dollars, he did an awesome job trying his best to be Superman. He had to learn how to fly and also had to do scenes with the green so that makes it very hard for him since being Superman is his first big movie role. He has a girlfriend and also he is six feet three inches tall which is amazeingly tall. No wonder he was Superman.
  • Brandon Routh, B.J., has worked hard and it has payed off in the new movie, “Superman Returns”. If the public eyes gives him a chance, he can really astonish us all and bring something new and fresh to the screen.

    Brandon James Routh is a new comer to the big screen, and he is putting the “az” in dazzle. He was born on October 11, 1979 in Des Moines, Iowa. Living only 100 miles away from Woolstock, the location of George Reeves, the second actor to play Superman, Routh became a huge Superman fan. He collected the comics, owned the movies, and even wore Superman pjs. As he grew up, Routh thought that a full-time acting career was a waste of time; however, after graduating Norwalk Highschool and attending the University of Iowa aspiring to be a writer, he modeled and had small theatrical acting jobs to pay for his tuition. This was the start of his "full-time" acting career. Guest starring in many hit TV shows, Brandon made his way to the big screen as Superman, being one of the biggest fans of them all. I do not believe that Brandon Routh can ever replace the orginal Superman from the comics, but he has added more to the hero as everyone before him has. Over the years, Superman has become much more than a hero from a comic book. He has become a hero to the entire world. Brandon James Routh has entered the legend of Superman, dating back to 1939 with Ray Middelton, 1950’s with George Reeves, 1978 with Christopher Reeves, and now Routh in 2006. Superman can never die because Superman willl always fly.
  • He is a gorgeous guy, and an incredible actor on top of that.

    Brandon Routh is the newest hot actor from Iowa. He started out with small gigs on TV, and then broke through as the new Superman in "Superman Returns". He is a versitale actor, and a gorgeous guy on top of it. He is very kind and generous, taking time to greet everybody who was at the Iowa premiere of "Superman Returns." I was there, and he took time to sign autographs, take pictures, and be interviewed by local news stations. He handles the role of Superman/Clark Kent very well, emotionally and in action. If "Superman Returns" scores big in theaters, then Brandon Routh will definitely still be on Hollywood's hot actor list. And hopefully he will make many more Superman movies in the years to come.