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    • Brandon: It's all of those people and most notably Chris [Reeves] is part of it, too, because he was who my Superman was.

    • Brandon: (On Superman) It's nice to watch the character mature, rather than just to start over again. He gets to continue his journey, which is exciting, I think, for fans, instead of retelling again what we've seen in many different versions.

    • Brandon: Bryan [Singer] says in some scenes, I'm the spitting image of Chris [Reeves]. Even my intonations of a line, but other times, it's completely different. It comes and goes, which is pretty exciting to me.

    • Brandon: I've been on the telethon before; when I was a freshman in high school swing choir and I sang at five in the morning. So, it's nice to come back and co-host or speak.

    • Brandon: If I really sat down and thought about all the possible implications, the good, amazing things it could mean, you could go a little crazy.

    • Brandon: I don't know that I can compare myself to anyone. The film is different and therefore the character is different. This is just one more version that's based on everybody else's, with just a few tweaks that I bring.

    • Brandon: (On receiving the role of Superman) I'm not even sure who it was. 'Well, congratulations you're, you know...' and I said, 'Great, Thank you.' It was more of a big relief to finally have it happen.

    • Ron Routh: When Brandon was a little boy he would pretend to fly off our porch. He was obsessed. He would try and make everything fly, and would throw his toy cars up in the air. You could say he was in training.

    • Brandon: (On his childhood) A full-time acting career was unrealistic, citing my small-town background.

    • Brandon: (When asked if he's ready for the changes that will occur in his life after being cast as Superman) I have no idea, but I am prepared to be prepared.

    • Brandon: (On Superman) He's got a bigger message. He really wants to change the world, but not just by saving things, by being an influence that people can see. If Superman just saves things, people feel like he can do everything for them and that's all they get from him, but if he can influence them so they can aspire to be better in their life or different in their life, that's a great thing. I don't know if I've made that evident in the film, but that's what I'm working on portraying.

    • Brandon: (On Christopher Reeve) Watching some of the footage, there was a spot where I turned my head and I looked just like him. It's nice, actually. It makes me proud.

    • Brandon: (On wearing the Superman costume) Very confining, but once you get past that, which is sometimes hard, it's also very empowering. First time I put it on, I felt... stronger. Like a different level of who I am. It makes playing the character much easier.

    • Brandon: I felt highly honored to play the character once played by Christopher Reeve.

    • Brandon: (On changing Christopher Reeve's portrayal of Superman) Chris did such an amazing job. You can change things, but if you do it could be horrible. When somebody does something so great, there's certain things you can tweak, but to change it just to change it sometimes is dangerous.

    • Brandon: (About his work with a movement coach to capture Superman's physical presence) We worked on posture. Spine straight, hips forward, neck in line - just a clean motion moving through the world. On the bright side I slouch less.

    • Brandon: I want to remind people of Christopher while at the same time making them feel like they're seeing a totally new Superman.

    • Brandon: I think the world can always use some inspiration. That's the most import thing Superman has to offer us, in my opinion. He shows us that we can be like him, too... Without the super natural powers, of course. He shows us that we can be strong, self conscience, honest and open for everybody.

    • Brandon: I'm being chased with cars, that's a weird experience. People want my autograph on a photo, most of them are nice, but there are also autograph-hunters who go too far sometimes.
      You get stalked by those people but i guess that's just something that comes with the fame. I think it's great, though, i can make a lot of people happy, just for playing a character, it's beautiful to share the spirit of Superman with people.