Brandy Rusher

Brandy Rusher


Houston, Texas, USA

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Brandy Nicole Rusher


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Brandy Rusher was a contestant on season 4 of UPN's reality tv show America's Next Top Model. She comes from Houston, Texas. Brandy was best known for her bright red afro, (which turned out to be a weave) that was shaved off when the girls got their make-overs.…more


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    • Brandy: I see myself as a model-slash-fashion designer because it's a natural gift; it's been with me since I was little. I never knew what a model was because I didn't grow up having money. I think I read my first Seventeen magazine when I was 15. But I know everyone has gifts. Modeling and fashion design...that's what I see myself (doing).

    • Brandy: I don't believe I have anger-management issues. I believe my biggest problem was being defensive. When I felt someone was coming at me wrong, I would defend myself. It's all a part of how I grew up.

    • Brandy: I feel like they showed the world a lot more of the attitude than what was actually given to them. But it's OK because it kept the camera on me, so the world got to see a lot of me, bad or good. Everything happens for a reason.

    • (when asked about her favourite music)
      Brandy: I am an all around lover of Gospel, R&;B, Reggae, Hip Hop, etc.

    • (about the dogs in the Flower Shoot)
      Brandy: They're so cute!. (to the dog) Hey don't bite me or I'll bite you back!.

    • (in "America's Next Top Model")
      Brandy: Michelle just needs to know that we're going to accept her either way

    • Brandy: If they woulda took out the time to look past what they thought was an attitude, then maybe they would have saw the real me but whatever.

    • (talking to Tatiana Dante)
      Brandy: If I wasn't thrown out for doing it, YO ASS WOULD BE TO' UP RIGHT NOW!.

    • (when asked about her favourite book)
      Brandy: Anything by Nora Roberts. I am now reading her book called "Sanctuary"

    • Brandy: I am an all around lover of Gospel, R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop, etc.

    • Brandy: I love to s!ng, d@nce, draw, d3sign clothes, write po3try... define who I am.

    • Brandy: Your hair is beautiful too Mr. Jay, just natural.

    • Brandy: Is it okay to slap somebody that gets on your nerves?

    • Brandy: I try to be like Naomi when I walk the runway.

    • Brandy: Hey whats the deal everyone... Just wanted to switch things up a bit. Well, I am currently still working hard. And for all that want to know, yes, I am still modeling. I am about to go to school in January for fashion design. And as far as me and my best friend (GOD), we are A okay. I love that man so much, and anyone reading this should just stop and say thank you to a man that can do above and beyond all we can ask for! Well, on that note, I am done cause that is all that needed to be said. peace, love that girl.

    • Brandy: Cuz I was waitin' so long…and I was getting' sleepy.

    • Brandy: I don't really have like a bad attitude, but I can get to the point where I just want to go off on somebody.

    • Brandy: I'm pissed off…I wanted a drastic change so bad.

    • Brandy: I don't be angry half the time.

  • Blehhh

    Brandy complained over everything. She complained about having to wait for her photoshoot. She complained about not getting rid of her weave, then when they got rid of it she complained about that. Then she complained that her boyfriend was going to break up with her when she got home because she looked like a guy. There was no reasoning with her. I agree with Brittany. Her attitude was just ridiculous. I think she should have been eliminated first instead of Brita, but it didn't matter because she got eliminated shortly after and I knew she wasn't going to win anyway.moreless
  • Red Haired Bit*h!!

    if someone was unbearable...if somemone was as stupid as a person can be...that was brandy. omggg i so hated her!! she was like: bit*hing all day long, she wantd her hair to be cut and then when they cut it she didnt like it...then she bit*hed and moaned in nigel's photoshoot and told him she was to tired!!!!!!!!!

    and then in that interview link i put she was still defensive, she didnt know where to stop whining....she resembles catie (from cycle 2) sooooo badly!!! like whining all day bit*hing about everything...luckily she didnt cry all day long or i wouldnt be watching antm anymore!moreless