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  • Mixed bag when it comes to "Star Trek" but to be perfectly honest he's definatly talented...

    I must admit by backing up some claims from Star Trek fans by saying "Yes, Brannon Braga has made some pritty bad mistakes". His worst mistake had to be in 'Star Trek: Voyager' in the second season in the episode "Threshold" which I will not go into, All that will be said is that it was a very bad episode although maybe not the worst ever episode produced, there are worse episodes. "Threshold" was however the worst episode of 'Voyager'. On the plus note, Mr. Braga has produced some of the best star trek you can find, I loved The Next Generation's "Cause and Effect" and the eight star trek feature film "Star Trek: First Contact" which is my favourite out of the ten films released so far. I think this man gets critisised more than he deserves and yes he might made some bad mistakes in star trek but he also produced some of the best work I've seen on "Star Trek" shows. Overall maybe "Star Trek: Enterprise" was a bad decision and perhaps "Star Trek" should have rested after "Voyager" but whats done, is done and this guy has produced some very good work and I'd like to congratulate him on all his successes and hope his future career is just as good!