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    • Brea: (on her reaction to being cast on Heroes)
      I think I like laid down and cried. I was in shock. It was very, very exciting, I was a huge fan, so it was very exciting.

    • Brea: (On what type of super power she could use in real life)
      I need poise. I'm just so clumsy that it would kind of save me a lot.

    • Brea: (On what in her life prepared her for a role as a bad-girl on Heroes)
      I will admit that I probably stole something as a teen ... but I don't know, I'm kind of a goodie-goodie. I did shave my head once ... but I asked my dad.

    • Brea: (On auditioning for Heroes) They brought me in because one of the producers had seen me on Friday Night Lights, and I basically rehearsed my audition every single day.

    • Brea: (About choosing a career in acting instead of using her masters degree) I think grad school is incredibly difficult so you really have to be passionate about being an academic to stick with it, just like you have to be really passionate to be an actor to stick with it. It turns out I was more passionate about acting than I was about school.

    • Brea: (On taking a break from acting) I kind of took a break from acting until I was in graduate school in Texas when I started taking acting classes again just as a hobby.

    • Brea: (About the process of creating computer generated effects on Heroes) I had to go to this place and stand on a platform in my underwear, they turned it around and took photos of me. It felt like some sort of weird experiment. I imagine those pictures will end up on the Internet at some point.

    • Brea: (On being made to feel welcome by fellow cast members on the set of Heroes) I was feeling a bit out of my league but everyone has been incredibly welcoming. No real hazing. But the first day we filmed on the top story of a building in downtown Los Angeles and there were a lot of threats involving hazing and me plummeting to my death.

    • Brea: (About working with Masi Oka, and James Kyson Lee on Heroes) They are incredibly fun to work with. I've worked more with Masi at this point and he has been so nice. I feel like we collaborate really well- making suggestions to each other and coming up with new ideas for scenes. It's nice when work feels like you're just hanging out with your friends and coming up with cool stuff to do.

    • Brea: (About her hair) It's mine. Basically, I dyed my hair for 10 years and at some point it turned into a big pouf, so I started dreading half of it and just letting it go. Every once in a while, I'll dye it to get rid of my roots. People hate it or love it. I'm actually not that attached to it, honestly.