Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin


Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Birth Name

Plan 9


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Breaking Benjamin formed in 1999 under the moniker "Plan 9." The band quickly gathered a local following before changing their name to "Breaking Benjamin" in late 2000. In 2002, they signed with Hollywood Records, where they released their major-label debut, Saturate. Their first single, "Polyamorous", received a fair…more

Trivia and Quotes

  • Amazing! One of my favorites of all time!

    I LOVE Breaking Benjamin! At the moment they are my favorite band! (But my fav bands change all the time)

    I first heard the song Diary Of Jane and immediately fell in love with it! It is an amazing song! Soon after that I bought their CD and havent stopped listening to them! ^^ Even though I absolutely love all of their songs, my favorites are Diary Of Jane, Breath, and Until The End.

    I would recomend this band to anyone who enjoys music! They are amazing! (I think I have mentioned that.) I hope that they will have a new CD come out soon!moreless
  • Hey, this band is great. So why dont we hear more from them??

    I never hear of this band!! I love all of their songs, I really really really like "The Diary of Jane" Which is my favorite song ever. I think this band should get alot more pubilcity than it has gotten in the last few years. I think part of the reason why they dont is because the lead singer has a phobia of flying. So they only go on tour in North America. So...If he stops that then maybe they'll get more international coverage and get more popularity. So...I dont really know what else to say. I hope that they keep coming out with more musicmoreless