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Bree Amer

Bree Amer


10/10/1981, Woodville South Australia

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Bree Amer


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Bree Amer, known for her stint on Big Brother, was pratically born an entertainer. Performing in theatre restaurants around Australia, Bree got her first big break on the Australian reality show Big Brother. This proved successful as many good things followed. Big Brother was a blessing for Bree,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Bree's nickname is Breezy.

    • Whilst she was on Big Brother, Ryan Fitzgerald and Bree kissed so the house would be treated with the viewing of an AFL match.

    • While in the Big Brother house, Ryan Fitzgerald made Bree cry along with four other women. Bree, his co-host on Friday Night Live, never lets him forget it bringing it up several times.

    • Bree hosted "Spin On Brisbane", a magazine-like DVD that informed locals of upcoming events and attractions in Brisbane and surrounding cities.

    • Bree worked as an RSPCA Superhero which is a schools program to enhance the children's knowledge and perspective on the RSPCA. It also encourages the students to be more involved with the organization.

    • Bree has a scar where they operated on her thyroid cancer.

    • After her treatment for thyroid cancer, she had to sleep sitting up for four days.

    • While on Big Brother, it was rumoured that Bree and fellow housemate (and co-star on Friday Night Live) Ryan Fitzgerald had a relationship in the house.

    • After her cancer diagnosis, Bree has had two surgeries to remove her thyroid cancer. Since then, she has had radiation therapy.

    • Bree has appeared on a Donut King advertisement.

    • Bree has worked with Mike Goldman on six projects. they are Friday Night Games, Friday Night Live, Joker Poker, Sea FM (a radio station), New Year's Eve 2006 and Big Brother Up-late. She's worked with Ryan Fitzgerald on Big Brother 2004, Friday Night Games, Friday Night Live and New Year's Eve 2006.

    • During the Christmas/New Year's period, Bree hosted the breakfast show, along with Mike Goldman, on Sea FM, a radio station she worked on prior to her time on Big Brother.

    • Bree has posed for Ralph Magazine two times and FHM once.

    • Prior to Big Brother, she worked on the street team for Brisbane radio station, Sea FM.

    • Bree performed at Crazies Comedy Restaurant, a theatre restaurant.

    • Prior to Big Brother, Bree performed at Dracula's Theatre Restaurant, a dinner-and-a-show restaurant.

    • As of 2006, Bree is the only housemate in Big Brother Australia to be evicted, go out to public, be informed later it was a mistake and be let back into the house.

    • A fan of Friday Night Live which is a show for Big Brother Australia who happened to be a Doctor, noticed that Bree had a large lump on her neck which looked like a cancer lump. The Doctor informed the producers who made her get a check up and the lump turned out to be cancer.

    • Bree has a medical condition which stops her from crying tears.

    • Bree was the runner-up in the 2004 season of Big Brother Australia.

    • Bree appeared in the May 2006 issue of Ralph magazine.

    • She hosts Friday Night Live along with Mike and Ryan.

  • Quotes

    • Bree: (asked if she would go back into the "Big Brother" house) I'd jump at the chance. It's kind of sad when you realise you've had so much fun in the house but you'll never get to do it again.

    • Bree: (asked if the jokes on "FNL" are her own) The funny ones are my own - and the bad jokes Mike makes me say! Pretty much everything Mike, Fitzy and I say, we make up on the spot.

    • Bree: (on her favourite "Big Brother" house-mate of the 2007 season) I'd have to say Emma - she was o up-front and wicked at times… so entertaining! As for the boys, it's hard to say. Everyone seems to think Travis is a really loveable guy, and Billy just cracks everyone up.

    • Bree: (asked what she misses about being in the "Big Brother" house) I miss having no responsibility! You don't have to pay rent, do your own shopping or even turn on a light switch. I still speak to half of the housemates - mostly Catherine, Aphro and Paul.

    • Bree: (on how she got selected to be on "FNL") I was actually only meant to do it for the first week! The female co-host role was to rotate, but the boys cried when they heard I wasn't coming back the next week, so they changed their minds… I made that up! Really, the producers liked the combination of the three of us and we all got along so well, they decided to keep me there. I was very lucky.

    • Bree: (about the doctor who operated on her cancer) I'll be grateful to him for the rest of my life.

    • Bree: (before going back into the Big Brother house after the vote miscalculation) It's gonna take me a week to explain to Ash why I'm back in the house.

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  • Bree\'s cool.

    Breezer is one of three hosts of Big Brother\'s Friday Night Games along with Frysie and Mike Goldman. She was on Big Brother in 2005, and she was runner up to Trevor.

    I liked Bree when she was in the BB House, mostly because she disliked Monica, who was interested in Ryan, and that was probably because everyone believed Bree had a thing for him.

    Bree's pretty funny on FNL, giving the female opinion, which is totally needed on that type of programme. She's definately a balance with Mike and Frysie.

    Bree is also pretty pretty. Gorgeous hair, fun personality. She's SHRN!moreless