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    • Bree: (on the process for filming television) I've done a lot of television, and there's no rehearsal process - you have to come to the set with your guns blazing and with a point of view.

    • Bree: (on meeeting Jon Hamm) I'm most excited to meet Jon Hamm at the Emmys.

    • Bree: (on her family) I have an incredibly supportive husband and family and an incredibly well-adjusted daughter.

    • Bree: (on her favorite date) I love a man who plans a romantic dinner, candlelight, good food-eggplant parmesan; that's my favorite dish, personally-good wine, romantic conversation, followed by, you know, one of those nights back at the house.

    • Bree: (on an outside photoshop) I'm just hanging out in my lingerie in the street. It's fun. It's a warm 40 degrees and I'm wearing a bra and panties outside.

    • Bree: (on her backgroun as a dancer) I used to be a dancer and I actually did a lot of burlesque, so I'm feeling very comfortable [with this photo shoot]. This is kind of like the Motherland for me.

    • Bree: (on what she wanted to try, outside of acting) I really would like to work at a magazine. I'd love to be a guest editor or maybe start up my own magazine. I'm obsessed with typography. It's a geeky hidden passion of mine.

    • Bree: (on which is her favorite city) New York City. I just went to Tokyo, which might be a close second for me. Tokyo has all the greatness of New York City in terms of the nightlife and the style and the luminaries, but it feels like L.A., because it's really spread out. It's very clean, very safe. It's kind of like the perfect city.

    • Bree: (on her worst habbit) I can't have just a little bit of candy, so I keep no sweets in my house -- not chocolate but gummy bears or sour watermelon, things like that. If they're in my house, I will eat them until I get sick.

    • Bree: (on her favorite TV show) I love Lost. I'm obsessed.

    • Bree: (on her favorite movie) It's a tie between Terms of Endearment - I've watched that 150,000 times, and I cry as hard each time - and Die Hard.

    • Bree: (on her free time) I like to go to the park and read and see movies and eat. My favorite food is a tie between Italian and Japanese.

    • Bree: (on being married to Justin Saliman) Being married is awesome. It's a lot of work, but it's wonderful for that reason. Even though you want to kill each other sometimes, the fact that you're totally committed to someone is like nothing I've ever felt before.

    • Bree: (on her role in the movie Ugly Truth as a support to Katherine Heigl main character) Katie's character is a very type A workaholic who doesn't leave a lot of room in her life for dating or falling in love. I play the snarky friend and the voice of reason. I'm there to push her when she needs to be pushed and support her when she needs to be supported and loved.

    • Bree: (on her childhood)I was a really colicky baby, and I cried a lot. My mom would take me to movies, and it was the only time I'd shut up. I was so entranced by cinema. So I think it was actually always part of my destiny; I just took an unusual path.

    • Bree: (on the death of actor James Rebhorn) Sad to hear about such a talent leaving us.

    • Bree: (on her younger son, Dean) Dean has brought to our family a deep well of love and tenderness. We already can't imagine our life without him

    • Bree: (on enjoy videos games while growing up) Growing up, I had a Nintendo. I liked the Mario Bros. and Track and Field. I was very good. I don't mean to age myself, but I came home every day, went straight to my Nintendo and rocked it. I have three younger brothers, so I always leaned towards more boy hobbies. I was a dancer, so in my down time I always wanted to play video games and hang out with the boys. Then when I went to college, I had a PlayStation but I haven't picked up my joystick in a while. I need to get back on it. I got into Dance Dance Revolution for a while.