Bree Williamson

Bree Williamson


12/28/1979, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Bree is an American soap opera actress. She joined the cast of "One Life to Live" in 2003, replacing Erin Torpey as Jessica Buchanan.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Bree's parents' names are Ted and Maureen.

    • Bree appeared in a TV commercial for Pepsi and Tostitos.

    • Bree auditioned for a role in "One Life to Live" in late '90s, but the producers thought she bared too much resemblance to Erin Torpey who played Jessica Buchanan at the time, so they didn't hire her. A few years later, in 2003, Torpey left the show, so the producers decided to hire Bree for the part, as the second Jessica Buchanan.

    • Bree was married to Josh Evans from December 29, 2005 to July 2007. She got married again in 2008 to Michael Roberts.

    • Bree received a prenomination for Lead Actress for the 2007 Daytime Emmy Awards.

  • Quotes

  • Better actress then I thought.

    She did great as the different people she played.
  • Made the transition from Erin Torpey to her portrayal less unsettling as she looks an awful lot like her... I think she has made Jessica LESS \"boring\" with her determination to be with her family and marrying the man she loves.moreless

    I think they put the portrayal of an older but not wiser Jessica in good hands when they hired Bree Williamson. That she went from Cristian to his older brother Antonio made sense as well. I enjoyed her scenes with Erika Slezak and glad they addressed the fact that their DID went from mother to daughter. Now that Jessica has put her \"demons\" to rest, I would like to see her move FORWARD...not backwards into what are more \"Tess\'s\" wishes not her own. Her \"fling\" with Nash was cute....but the baby is only Nash\'s due to \"Tess\'s\" blatant disregard for using protection. I would like to see her with a little more of \"Tess\'s\" attitude while at the same time, retaining Jessica\'s respect and love for her family. \"Tess\" may be a fun character but that is NOT all Jessica cares about. \"Tess\" should allow her to have a future with her HUSBAND, not with the man \"Tess\" chose.

    Kamar de los Reyes and she also seem to enjoy working together.

    Despite what I have heard, I hope the writers will allow Jessica to grow with Antonio, the man who has loved and supported her throughout her entire ordeal.moreless