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  • Seventh Heaven, the best television show of our time. Consistantly touching inner rhealms,of our beings, forcing us to look ,at life situations, and how, maybe, it should be. It defies conventional humanistic doctrine. \"Therefore whatsoever ye would tha

    I\'ve watched Brenda over the years and am convinced that The addage \" you reap what you sow , later than you sow, more than you sow.\" is not an addage; at all, but a truth, a Doctrine, perhaps. Never-the -less; from her family life and the love of her friends,which shows excedingly, I belive that she is living a calling. It makes me proud to see that someone will stand against what is conventional, have some moxy and do what is right. I have watched many shows and am glad to see that there is some good in whatever she does or produces.

    I belive Helen and Johnny deserve kudo\'s as well for raising a Godly child.

    \"by there fruits you shall know them\" \" Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles\"

    The proof is in the pudding.

    Way to go Brenda. Continue on. Allways remember . \"The light of the body is in the eye.\"