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Brenda Turnbaugh Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Brenda and her twin sister Wendi are said to be very devout Christians.

    • Brenda and her sister Wendi landed the role of baby Grace on Little House on the Prairie because their grandmother was good friends with series producer Kent McCray, and when McCray happened to mention that he was looking for twin babies with blonde hair, the girls' grandmother knew exactly who to recommend, and they got the job instantly.

    • Brenda and her husband have two children: Conner (born in 2002) and Dana (born in 2003).

    • Identical twin sister of Wendi Turnbaugh.

  • Quotes

    • Brenda Turnbaugh: (about being on the "Little House" set as a baby with her twin sister Wendi) One day on the set, a photographer was trying to get a fan mail picture of the two of us. We were both on the woodpile, outside the little house, in complete tears. He tried everything to console us, but nothing worked until Michael Landon came and sat with us. He had such a way with kids. He put us at ease like only Pa could.