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Brenda Vaccaro

Brenda Vaccaro


11/18/1939, Brooklyn, New York City, New York

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Brenda Vaccaro is an American actress who has appeared on the stage, television and in film. Vaccaro was born in Brooklyn, New York, on 18 November 1939 to Italian immigrant parents. They later moved to Dallas, Texas, where her parents founded Mario's Restaurant. After finishing high school Vaccaro…more


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  • One of the original husky-voiced women to grace the Silver Screen, Television set, and the Broadway stage, Brenda Vaccaro has proven to be one of the most recognized, and at times, underrated artists in the undustry.moreless

    Why not mention Brenda Vaccaro? She is seriously one of the all-time greats! She defined all sorts of characters, from such roles as suffering widows, rape victims, conniving co-conspirators, and harsh business women. Yes, Brenda Vaccaro is certainly the kind of woman you recognize before you really know it. She has a charm that grabs your attention quickly, and keeps you focus for long moments of time with the simple, but more effective styles of character definition. We like her no matter who she plays, because her professional backround and her theatrical embodyments. She has a real way of projecting herself in such a larger than life way, but she does this in such a way that it does not seem to be as such. She has slowed down recently, but her fine moments in all types of performing are still as fast as the business she still keeps appearing in.moreless