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  • Underused and Underrated

    I loved him as Dan Cooper and hope if one of the CSI Miami cast members were to leave the show(Hopefully not in the distant future)that he could come and become a series regular.
    Loved him also in Roswell and wished that he was a bigger star as he has the looks and the talent.
    Not just underused but underrated!
  • Hot Hot Hot.

    OK So I most definately think that he is so cute. I loved his character on the show, the wounded bad boy is the cutest thing ever. I also Love Love Love the fact that he\'s Canadian. Plus he was on Breaker High, like the best show of all time. He was also in Disturbing Behaviour, and except for kaite Holmes that movie rocked. But Fehr showed alot of range in this show, even if if the show wasn\'t always filled with the best acting ability. Fehr went from being the angery side-kick to a broken spirit in the blink of an eye showing that he actually had some talent which I hope to see in other things soon.
  • Brendan played the role of Michael Guerin in the all time hit, Roswell.

    Wow, this is one hot actor. I absolutely loved him in Roswell, besides the fact he is so hot, he can also act very well! And, by the way, you should take a look at his site, it's really funny. Brendan also posts little ramblings on it, so that's cool.
  • He is so HOT!!! I wish he would be in more shows...

    I think that Brendan is the hotest man alive...He is a dream boat and he needs to be in more shows and movies. The only show that I have really seen him in is Roswell and I wish there were more.

    He is smart and funny. And he brings a sensitive side to his character.
  • Brendan Fehr is great! Absolutely loved him as the teenage alien Michael Guerin in Roswell. Wish he'd get in a new show this coming season!

    Michael Guerin, where are you??? Ha! I really miss seeing Brendan Fehr every week. Roswell was such an outstanding show, and Brendan was a great actor too. I met him in person a couple times, and he was always very kind and polite. I am so excited to be getting Season 3 of Roswell on DVD next month! I'll get to re-watch all those Michael and Maria moments that I've missed so much. Also really enjoyed Brendan in the U2 "Stuck in a Moment" video. He makes a great football player! Would definitely love to see Brendan on the big-screen in a romantic comedy. If you read this Brendan, your fans miss you!