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  • Brendan Fletcher is a powerhouse performer who commands attention in any role that he plays. In 25 years he has made a superior contribution to the creative arts.

    I will never forget the unbelievably excellent performance Brendan Fletcher gave in the dramatic short "Touch" The drama went on to win Best Short in the NY Lesbian and Gay Film Festival for Director Jeremy Podeswa. Brendan plays an 8 year old child who is abducted and imprisoned for 8 years by a abusive child molester. The only human contact he has had was the sexual abuse by his captor. This causes him to mistake abuse for affection. He escapes but has an impossible task of living a 'normal' life.

    The first person narrative style makes the film truly unnerving.

    The short was later combined in a collection called Boys Briefs 2 (2002) If you are a real respector of Brendan Fletcher's work, I urge you to seek this out.