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    • Brendan played a character similar to James Bond on Attack of the Show! named Agent Triple 0.

    • An episode of Attack of the Show! was dedicated to Brendan entitled "Attack of the So!" due to his chicago-esque style of speech. The episode was created to showcase all of Brendan's achievements throughout the course of the show.

    • Brendan loves to fish in his spare time. He came in thirteenth place in the Kabetogama Summer 2005 Fishing Contest in Lake Kabetogama, Minnesota.

    • Moran began his work at TechTV as a Producer for the shows TechLive and Fresh Gear.

    • On April 6th, 2006, Brendan announced on-air that he and fellow Attack of the Show Co-host Sarah Lane were engaged to be married.

    • Brenden married AOTS co-host Sarah Lane in mid-May of 2006 in California. (Announced April 06, 2006).

    • Brendan has his own theme song on AOTS entitled "He's the man, it's Brendan Moran."

    • Actress Miki Mia from "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" stopped by Attack of the Show to wax Brendan Moran's chest on national television.

    • Brendan hosts the segment "Brendan Moran's Book Club" on Attack of the Show!

    • Went to the SEMA '05 convention in Las Vegas.

    • Along with Sarah Lane, Chi-Lan Lieu, Kevin Rose, Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, Brendan was one of only six TechTV main on-air talents to survive the massive layoffs resulting from the May 2004 merger of G4 and TechTV.

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