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  • Lyrical, musical, and comical genius.

    Brendon Small is the mastermind and genius of Metalocalypse (Animated Series on Adult Swim) and the musical composer and voicer of 3/5 charachters of the virtual band, DethKlok.

    i am a HUGE fan of DethKlok as a band, and in accordance, a fan of Brendon Small. i personally find it Amazing that one man can voice 3/5 of the band members, the band's manager Ofdensen, sing full albums using the brutal Heavy Metal gutteral voice, and play lead guitar, rythm guitar, and bass guitar of the band.

    this one man has co-created and nearly solo-created the entire band, playing all of the band's roles except drummer.

    one word: Amazing.

    Hi! Just wanted to let all of you Brendon Small fans out there that he's playing a show with the Paul Green School of Rock All Stars on April 5th in Philly at the Trocadero! Brendon will be playing the music of Dethklok and also some other classic metal songs with the students. Tickets are $13 in advance, $15 at the door. The doors open at 6. Come out and show some support for Brendon Small, your local metal scene and for the kids of the School of Rock!

    You can email me at for more info, or visit!

    -Hillary Pierson
    School of Rock
  • By far one of the most talented people in T.V. today.

    Brendon Small is probably on of the most creative people ever. Aside from writing scripts, doing voice overs, and producing Metalocalypse, he has time to write all the music for it. All of his ideas are so original too. As a voice over artist for Skwisgaar, Nathan, and Pickles, he does a superb job. He has the most amazing accent when doing Skwisgaar, the most metal voice ever when doing Nathan, and a great southern drawl when doing Pickles. It's so great. I view him as one of my musical heroes for the talent he posses on every instrument. He's extremely funny writing wise, and in person. He's a jack of all trades. Look out for Brendon Small everyone.
  • Brendan Small. Nuff said Movie making extraordinare!

    Brendan small is byfar the funniest character in a show. the way he talks and the humor of the show Home movies is just like me and my friends. the situations he gets in i cna relate to on some level. funny kid, funny show. When Brendan interacts with another favorite, McGurrek, it reminds me of how to deal with those people who just keep on talking and saying the same things, presonal things that seem to just keep on going. They never stop and have to be interrupted by some kind of a "YEA ok," or where you just kind of keep listening and go "Uh huh, yeah, uh huh yup sounds great!" Brendan small A personal favorite.
  • Probably The greates human being alive

    It's hard to say exactly why, but to me, Brendon Small is a God! He's so funny, musically talented and cool! If i was a chick or gay, i would totally be in love with him. THat's just about all i have to say about him but unfortunetly you HAVE to have at least 50 words in the review.
  • Absolutley great and creative

    Sure people have done episodes of shows about kids making a home movie. But Brendon does it for a living. They should bring Home Movies back because it made me start watching adultswim in the first place. It and to take off an influence is like killing your best friend. He is truly one of the best cartoonist ever