Brent Briscoe





5/21/1961 , Moberly, Missouri, USA

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Brent Briscoe is an actor and screenwriter born in Moberly, Missouri on May 21, 1961. He studied theatre arts at University of Missouri, where he forged a number of long-term career relationships. In 1985 he apprenticed in theatre and spent several years on the road doing shows like South Pacific and Arsenic and Old Lace. In 1994 he became staff writer for television sitcom Evening Shade. After appearing in Sling Blade in 1996 with Billy Bob Thornton, he relocated to Los Angeles to take up acting full time. For a time acting jobs were hard to come by, so he and writing partner Mark Fauser took up screenplay writing, producing The Right To Remain Silent, which was adapted for television in 1996. Although both went on to have successful acting careers, their writing collaboration has continued. In 2002 they co-wrote the critically acclaimed Waking Up in Reno, in which both also play supporting roles. Briscoe's most notable role to date was in the Academy Award nominated film, A Simple Plan, as one of the men who finds $4 million in drug money. Briscoe is divorced from actress Sonjia Red, and currently lives in the San Fernando Valley.