Brent Brokeshoulder





4/21/1985 , Anchorage, Alaska

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Brent Broksehoulder is currently 18 years old and a "Senior" in High School. Brent's Acting career began in 1993. His parents and older brother Randy were living at Camp Pendleton, California Aug 1992-Jul 1997. The first attempts at film and the like were with the following:

1993-Headshots, and inclusion into Native American registry
1993-Movie-"On Deadly Ground"-w/Steven Seagal-Background
1994-Tele-"Harts of the West"-w/ Beau Bridges-Background
1994-Tele-"Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman"w/Jane Seymour-
1995-Tele-"Walker-Texas Ranger" w/Chuck Norris-Principal

1997-Tele-"Billy the Kidd" Historychannel-Background
1997-Model-"How to raise a Teenager"-Waldenbooks-Print photo

In 1995, Brent was awarded the equivalent of the "native" Academy Award. He was the youngest recipient of the "First American In the Arts Award" for Best Performance in a Television Series, for his role on Walker-Texas Ranger.

Brent's family later moved to New Mexico where he established prominence in the Fine Art world. He is a recognized "Traditional Native Artist" specializing in handcrafting Hopi Katsina Dolls. Since this writing (Mar 04) Brent has achieved recogniton from the following:

2001-1st Place-Gallup Ceremonial (youth Div)-Sculpture
2001-Hon. Mention-SantaFe Indian Market-Sculpture
2002-1st Place/Hon. Mention-Santa Fe Indian Market-Sculpture
2003-1st Place/Special Award-Heard Museum Student Show-Sculpture
2003-1st Place-Hopi Market place/Museum of N.Az-Sculpture

Within this timeframe, Brent has rapidly established a strong reputation amognst at least 100 traditional carvers from his Hopi Reservation in Arizona, and he is only 18 years old!
Outside of this Brent has interest in Skateboarding and is looking into the career field of Electronic Publishing as a possible venue to continue his strong creativity skills.
Films =will always be a possiblity, and the future holds much promise for this hardworking young man!