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  • This is a very funny man.

    And he does it all just by being Brent. His humour is seemingly low key, but like all good observational humour, its actually very sharp and insightful without having to be crass or controversial.

    Life is funny. Simply. And Brent finds that, his writing exploits it and where TV is concerned, his creations bring it to charming and laughable life. In the case of Corner Gas, anyone who can make a small town and small town characters funny for me is doing a great job. I am from a small town and could not wait to get away from the provincial attitudes. And yet everything I hated was given the right amount of de-emphasis; showing me that its not what you're looking at, its how you look at it that counts. And that my over compensating attitudes about the big city were not only the proverbial "equal and opposite reaction": they were equally obnoxious!

    I look forward to 'funny class' in his new "Hiccups" and wish him continued funny success...