Brent Carver

Brent Carver


11/17/1951, Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

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Brent Carver has worked extensively in musical theatre on Broadway and in Canada; he has also had a wonderful success in other stage productions and on TV & movie screens. His numerous work on TV has been critically acclaimed and he received numerous awards for his appearances.


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  • This actor is someone you have to see perform on stage at least once in your life. He has a lot of talent and a kind of brilliance that amazes any audience.moreless

    The reason I want to talk about Brent Carver is because he is so good. I am starting to believe this man can do no wrong. I have mostly seen him on TV in Street Legal, Due South, Elizabeth Rex and This Is Wonderland. I think just the names of the shows speak for the quality of the program and Mr. Carver is an unfailing guest star. There are quite a few actors Canada can be proud of and Mr. Carver is one of those actors. He's intelligent, dedicated, sensitive, brave, talented, loyal (especially to Canadian theatre), and fascinating. He seems to be able to tackle any role with ease and with the kind of sensitivity of intimate knowledge of the character he's playing.moreless