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  • Brilliant - I can't say enough about him!

    I'm fairly certain Brent Spiner is the best actor I've ever seen in my life, plus he sings and dances, a rarity in Hollywood these days. There are some celebrities who should be shot before making a CD, but Brent can make as many CDs as he wants! The man is a class act. He's not constantly in the tabloids (unlike others who shall not be named), and and I know from experience that he's a very nice guy as well. He's never given a performance that's anything less than superb! Brent is immensely talented. Every time I see him in something, I think, "Someone give him an Oscar!" He could get one quite easily. I've never seen an actor who's more deserving of one. Even when he's little more than a glorified extra, he brings something unique and beautiful to the part. Mr. Spiner is one of the most underappreciated people in Hollywood, and that's just wrong. He deserves so much better. He doesn't rely on scandals to keep his career going (again, unlike some people I will not name, but we all know who they are). He worked hard to get to where he is today, and Hollywood needs to give him the credit that he's earned. Some people seem to think that he hasn't done anything besides Star Trek, but that's simply not true. Brent has an extensive film and theatre career, both before and after his tenure on Star Trek. I can't compliment him enough, and he should serve as a role model for all aspiring actors.