Bret Harrison

Bret Harrison


4/6/1982, Portland, Oregon, USA

Birth Name

Bret Michael Harrison



Also Known As

Brett Harrison
  • Bret Harrison as Cameron on Breaking In.
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A native of Portland, Oregon, Harrison started acting as a child in small theaters in the area. However, it wasn't until a teacher at the Northwest Children's Theater challenged him to become the best actor he could be that he began taking acting seriously. He was so inspired…more


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    • Bret: What would I sell my soul to the devil for? I don't know man! Eternal happiness. I don't know.

    • Bret: (on being typecast as "Sam", having played three Sam's in three different shows) I don't ever think of that, although I probably should. I definitely think you can guide your career in terms of where you want to go.

    • Bret: (on chemistry between the "Reaper" cast) It's amazing. On every show there's generally a mix and match in the audition process. They line you up, put two people together and see how it goes. Yet two days after I got the job, we were in Vancouver shooting the pilot and we were like, "Holy Sh*t, this is working."

    • Bret: I was never afraid to be too big. A lot of people are afraid of putting themselves out there and looking stupid and making a fool of themselves. Sometimes it doesn't work. But for every three times it doesn't work, it'll work once, and you're just banking on that one time.

    • Bret: (on the divorce of his parents) It was pretty tough but I think it taught me. Overcoming that taught me a lot in terms of two things - mainly being forgiving and letting go of things and not holding onto the past and constantly being here, now, and just being in the present.

    • Bret: (on learning from good friend Adam Brody's experience in "The O.C.") Just hanging out, I remember what it was like for him when The O.C. launched. Billboards, posters, to see him go through everything. I think I learned along the way.

    • Bret: ("that guy" referring to his character in "The Loop") I completely identify with that guy and I think everybody else can identify with it, too. Everybody's trying to juggle working and hanging out.

    • Bret: If I can do three comedies and a drama a year, I'd be excited. That'd be perfect. Because drama is challenging and I think it makes your comedy better.

    • Bret: I think drama is more intense for me. Comedy comes a little bit more naturally. I like being on a lighter set. You know, constantly joking. For me it's more fun.

    • Bret: (on his driving to Los Angeles and trying his luck with acting when he was 17) I just went after what I wanted. Ignorance is bliss. I didn't think of all the variables. I just hopped in my car and drove.

    • Bret: Every TV show I've ever been on has had someone recast. Any pilot I've ever done, I'm always thinking, "God I hope it's not me." I think it's the networks way of showing who's boss.

    • Bret: (comparing himself to his character Sam from "The Loop") I don't think I'm as neurotic and crazy as Sam, but I do think I relate to the working and the partying. I'm not saying I'm a crazy party animal or anything.

  • He is a Extremely talented actor

    He is a Extremely talented actor. Bret has been acting since he was 17 Bret has been on some of the top rated shows on television like Grounded for life, A short lived comedy show called the Loop I loved that show it was so funny, and now in Reaper where Bret plays Sam a slacker who's parents sols his soul to the devil and he has to be the Bounty Hunter for hell. I hope Reaper last a long time . each role is different and he's done an amazing job in everything he's been in. I hope Bret will be acting for years to come.moreless
  • A Robert Urich for my generation.

    Bret Harrison has amused me thoroughly ever since I first saw him as Brad on Grounded for Life. While I didn't get to see him on The Loop, my fond GfL memories are what led me to check him out on Reaper (well, that and Kevin Smith's involvement). Factor in his occasional guest appearances elsewhere, and he's been around a bit for a guy his age.

    He's really got an everyman, boy-next-door quality about him (which is probably why he was so great on GfL...he played the boy next door). But he also manages to shine in starring roles. Plus, he's been in a movie with Burt Reynolds, which I believe legally doubles his overall coolness.

    I think that, in time, he may eventually become my generation's Robert Urich (minus the untimely death of natural causes)...funny, likeable, a few hit shows, a lot of misses, but always more respected and popular than the show he was on.moreless