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  • Bret has been acting since he was 17 and has been on some of the top rated shows on television. each role is different and he\'s done an amazing job in everything he\'s been in. He can do anything, he\'s really that good.

    From a geek, to a jock, to an abused highschooler Bret has played them all, and he\'s done each tremendously well.He is one of the most talented actors out there and his carrer has just really started, and is continuing to grow. He\'s appeared on shows from The O.C to Boston legal, and had a reccuring role on Grounded for life before being made a star of the show. He\'s appeared in movies such as Orange County opposite Colin Hanks and Jack Black, and Lightning Bug his latest flick is being released this summer. He is also filming a movie right now with Adam Brody and is going to produce a remake of Revenge of the nerds. And next up for Bret, his very own TV show on Fox called the Loop premiering next january.I have a feeling we are going to be seeing alot more of Bret in the Future. Did I mention he\'s extremly hot?