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    • Bret: What would I sell my soul to the devil for? I don't know man! Eternal happiness. I don't know.

    • Bret: (on being typecast as "Sam", having played three Sam's in three different shows) I don't ever think of that, although I probably should. I definitely think you can guide your career in terms of where you want to go.

    • Bret: (on chemistry between the "Reaper" cast) It's amazing. On every show there's generally a mix and match in the audition process. They line you up, put two people together and see how it goes. Yet two days after I got the job, we were in Vancouver shooting the pilot and we were like, "Holy Sh*t, this is working."

    • Bret: I was never afraid to be too big. A lot of people are afraid of putting themselves out there and looking stupid and making a fool of themselves. Sometimes it doesn't work. But for every three times it doesn't work, it'll work once, and you're just banking on that one time.

    • Bret: (on the divorce of his parents) It was pretty tough but I think it taught me. Overcoming that taught me a lot in terms of two things - mainly being forgiving and letting go of things and not holding onto the past and constantly being here, now, and just being in the present.

    • Bret: (on learning from good friend Adam Brody's experience in "The O.C.") Just hanging out, I remember what it was like for him when The O.C. launched. Billboards, posters, to see him go through everything. I think I learned along the way.

    • Bret: ("that guy" referring to his character in "The Loop") I completely identify with that guy and I think everybody else can identify with it, too. Everybody's trying to juggle working and hanging out.

    • Bret: If I can do three comedies and a drama a year, I'd be excited. That'd be perfect. Because drama is challenging and I think it makes your comedy better.

    • Bret: I think drama is more intense for me. Comedy comes a little bit more naturally. I like being on a lighter set. You know, constantly joking. For me it's more fun.

    • Bret: (on his driving to Los Angeles and trying his luck with acting when he was 17) I just went after what I wanted. Ignorance is bliss. I didn't think of all the variables. I just hopped in my car and drove.

    • Bret: Every TV show I've ever been on has had someone recast. Any pilot I've ever done, I'm always thinking, "God I hope it's not me." I think it's the networks way of showing who's boss.

    • Bret: (comparing himself to his character Sam from "The Loop") I don't think I'm as neurotic and crazy as Sam, but I do think I relate to the working and the partying. I'm not saying I'm a crazy party animal or anything.