Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels


3/15/1963, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

Bret Michael Sychak



Also Known As

Poison, Poison
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Bret Michaels was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But, his dad who was in the Navy, was transferred to the Inland Naval Depot in Mechanicsburg, PA. Which was where he was raised. He is an insulin-dependent diabetic. In May 2000, his first daughter Raine Elizabeth was born, with his…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Bret's earliest musical influences were Kiss, AC/DC, Sweet, and Aerosmith.

    • Bret's favorite movie is Rambo. And in his free time he likes to read. His favorite book is The Outsiders.

    • Bret's favorite show is The Simpsons. Bret's band Poison, has been mentioned several times in the show. And two of their songs Every Rose Has its Thorn and Nothin' But a Good Time were featured in an episode. In that episode, Otto is suppose to get married. Instead, he chooses to party with Poison.

    • Bret is the only musician in history to successfully write, direct, executive produce, camera operate, perform his own stunts, score, star in, and record a soundtrack for A Letter From Death Row.

    • Bret is 5 ft, 9 in.

    • He wrote the song Something to Believe In for roadie and friend Kimo after his untimely passing. As a way to remember him, Bret got a tattoo on his left forearm the reads, Something to Believe In. Also, in the tattoo is a cross with a rose and a vine wrapping around it.

    • Bret is a diabetic. He has taken four insulin shots a day since he was six years old.

    • Bret Michaels middle name was originally going to be Maverick .

  • Quotes

    • Bret: In the past, I've held back on some of the talents I have at being a frontman, and each year I release some of those abilities, little by little.

    • Bret: I've always done my own thing, for better or worse. I've never had men in suits and ties tell me what to do.

    • Bret: I've never felt completely successful. I've always felt there was something more I could do. That's part of what makes me crazy. I wish I could sit back and say, 'Okay, now I'm done.'

    • Bret: (On writing the song Raine for his daughter) That is from a very real spot. When my first child was born in May of 2000, it was the most incredible feeling in my life. If that doesn't make you want to write a song, nothing will. It's about the circle of life and getting through it, and to me it's a very raw, emotional song.

    • Bret: (His biggest regret) In 1992, when we were recording our fourth album. It was a time in our career when CC and I probably needed to take a vacation and talk about where we wanted to go musically and personally. I'll never forget having a knock-down, drag-out fistfight backstage at the MTV Awards. Both of us were intoxicated and needed rehab. Then we went to New Orleans. We were in the lobby of Le Meridian hotel, having another fight and then we parted ways. It's not like you fight a stranger in a bar and brag to your pals afterwards. I'm not proud that I broke his nose and knocked his teeth out. This is my best friend; we grew up together. We parted ways for two or three years and then I got in my car accident and CC called me in the hospital.

    • Bret: (On his grandfather) We were in Greenville, South Carolina, where he lived, and he was coming the next day to the show, but he passed away the night before. I was very close to my grandfather. He was the first guy to teach me how to ride a motorcycle, so (his death) meant a lot to me. It just gave me a perspective on life and how important it is to live it and enjoy it while we're here. Sometimes we're looking for the grass to be greener, and what's awesome is right in front of you.

    • Bret: I love it. It's all good to me. Whether I'm performing in New York, L.A., Columbus or Des Moines, I give 110 percent every night.

    • Bret: What's kept me sane is I still love making music, and I always have my ear to the street.

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  • a great lead vocalist

    Bret Michaels was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But, his dad who was in the Navy, was transferred to the Inland Naval Depot in Mechanicsburg, PA. Which was where he was raised. He is an insulin-dependent diabetic. In May 2000, his first daughter Raine Elizabeth was born, with his girlfriend Kristi Gibson. On May 5, 2005, his second daughter Jorja Bleu was born, weighing 6lbs, 8ozs. When his first daughter was born, he dedicated the Poison album Show Me Your Hits- a Salute to Poison. In 1984, Bret formed Poison with bassist Bobby Dall, and drummer Rikki Rockett. When they traveled from Harrisburg, PA, to LA, they added guitarist C.C. Deville. In 1986, they signed with Enigma Records. Poison had a high amount of popularity, with only Bon Jovi and Def Leppard outselling them. Their success may have been short lived, but they had a major effect on the music industry during their career.moreless
  • Bret Michaels is the Best.

    He has one of the best hearts known to mankind, not only as an accomplished muscian but in life in general. He is probably the most orginal soul in all creation. He has a lot of values equal to Elvis, that are not as noticed to the general public. He has honesty, charisma, charm, sex appeal, and a whole lot more that I believe has not been seen the way it could. All you have to do is look in his eyes to know that he has depth and character. I really believe there is a great actor in there, and as far as directing, he could be his own Steven Speilsberg. Sometimes the world doesn't always see what they should, when they should.

    I just recently saw Bret in concert with Poison. He does not dissappoint. He had a 104 temp and battling the flu at the Concord performance. Still, he did not miss a beat. My hats off to this man. He showed so much dedication and heart it is no wonder why I want the world to know "Bret Michaels Is My Elvis!!"