Brett Butler

Brett Butler


1/30/1958, Montgomery, Alabama (USA)

Birth Name

Brett Anderson


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  • How do we explain Brett Butler?

    Which words can be used to describe Brett Butler? Funny? Not really. Talented? Definitely not. Erratic? Definitely. Lucky? Most definitely. Forgotten? Remains to be seen.

    Brett Butler was the beneficiary of ABC's attempt to strike gold again after their success with Roseanne. Like Roseanne, Brett Butler was an obscure comedienne from a troubled background whom the network plucked from obscurity and cast in a sitcom starring role. Grace Under Fire, Butler's sitcom, was given a big buildup and a cushy timeslot. Thanks to the limited intelligence and poor taste of the American TV viewing public it got good ratings--for a while.

    Some people can't seem to stand prosperity. Such was the case with Ms. Butler. She caused the network which had rescued her from Nowheresville almost as much trouble as Roseanne did with her backstage battles with Grace Under Fire writers, producers, and fellow cast members. She was also unable to control her personal demons. Butler's alcohol and drug abuse plus a messy divorce led to the premature demise of Grace Under Fire and a return to Nowheresville for Ms. Butler.

    These days, after a couple of stints in rehab, Brett Butler has returned to her stand-up act and has had a few projects in development with networks. None of these projects have come to fruition--yet. But not to worry, someday one of the networks will screw up and give Brett Butler another chance. And she'll once again blow it just like she did with Grace Under Fire. As I stated previously, some people just can't stand prosperity.moreless