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  • One of the best if not the best!

    I am and always have and always will be a fan of #4 GB Packers QB Brett Lorenzo Favre as he is now calling it quits after starting 275 games both regular and post-season straight as he still could have a motor to go but worries about the mental and emotional effects on the game that he couldn't stand. As I don't blame him for wanting to nearly leave out on top despite losing the 2007 NFC Championship game. As Favre seems to undergo so much as a player and as a person. His wife's breast cancer, father's untimely death, and a cousin who died in an ATV accident on his farm. Still, #4 is both an ironman both on and off the field!
  • My favorite athlete.

    I love Brett Favre. He is my favorite athlete. He is one of the very first main reasons I became a Green Bay Packers fan. He is such a talented man! Especially now, for his age. He's twice the age of a lot of those quarterbacks, and yet he is still even better than most all of them! This guy has endurance and strength. He's real tough to be playing out there when there is frost on the field and temperatures are in the negatives. And he's definitely got a good arm on him. Even if you aren't a Packers fan, you've got to admit that Brett Favre is an amazing player. He seems like such a great person, and one of my dreams is to meet him. Brett Favre is and will always be legendary.
  • Please stay retired.

    Love him. Great quarterback.
  • awsome palyer

    brett favre is somewhat the greatest QB that the NFL has ever seen. Still at an old age he can fire that ball 90 yards down field. In 2007, he's breaking alot of records. He's also leading his team the Green bay packers to the palyoffs. I hope so. He currently has alot of young receivers, but finds a way to put it in ther grasp. I don't actually know if he is much of a motivational speaker or not. I hope so. Number 4 on the packers. 2007 might be his last season, and if green bay goes to the super bowl and wins it, he's gonna be like John Elway and retire right after a super bowl victory and say, "That's it, i'm done"
  • Brett Favre is awsome. And I'm not just saying that because I a Packer Fan.

    Brett Favre is awsome. And I'm not just saying that because I a Packer Fan. He has been my all time favorite National Football League player for a long time. He lead the packers to a few super bowls and helped win one of them. He's been named most vaulable player three times and was close to beating a few records before the end of last season. If he retires the Packers will have a worse chance of getting better.
  • Great quarterback.

    I really thought he should have stayed retired the first time around. Maybe that would have resulted in a higher ranking. But he made the wrong choice in coming back and ended up paying for it. Not only did he miss the playoffs, he will always be remembered for his battle with Green Bay management. If it did make his career a little bit hazed, it doesn't take away from his accomplishments as a player. Overall, he is really one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football and will be known for his ability to win games in the clutch. Thank you.