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Brett Groneman

Brett Groneman

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  • Brett is one of the most amazing actors EVER!

    Brett is so great! I have known him for a while now and I just have to say that he deserves to have a bigger name for himself. He is deffanatly one of the most talented people that I have ever met. I hope that before he becomes the amazing science teacher that he wants to become that him and dumpy (the most amazing hampster) get better known. And if not, well he will still be one of my favorite actors and friends of all time.moreless
  • Brett is amazing and deserves more than he is given. I am Brett's friend.

    Brett Groneman is an awsome person and is really nice. He is in school plays with me and does awsome. He should be in movies by now. Geez hollywood pick good actors. Brett deserves way more than he is given. It is really sad. I guess the only people that will be seeing brett groneman in 2 years will be the people that come to the plays at Smithown Highschool West in smithown. Brett is in all of the plays and does a sensational job. Brett is an awsome person and you all know it. He watches out for me.moreless