Brett Somers

Brett Somers


7/11/1924, New Brunswick, Canada



Birth Name

Audrey Sommers



Also Known As

Brett Sommers, Brett Somers-Klugman, Dawn Johnston
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Brett was last seen on television in March of 2002, when the CBS Early Show held a Match Game reunion. She lived in Connecticut and taught until her death.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Bret (at least on Match Game) was a crazy older lady with funny glasses and a raspy voice. Her jokes were corny and her style was weird. But that's what makes her Bret. She's so odd you have to love her.moreless

    She's crazy. And I love it. Her mannerisms combined with her eccentric look in Match Game are just hilarious. She was a very loyal panelist of match game. She always sat on the top tier in the middle. She liked having chats with Richard Dawson, which were always weird and funny. Her responses were sometimes so uncommon, but her explanations for them were excellent. I'm sad to say I only know her from Match Game, but that's enough for me to know that she's like one of those cooky aunts that you just love being around. Bret, a memorable panelist and always a good laugh.moreless
  • This year, 2007, we lost one of the all-time greats from The Match Game.

    Brett Somers was one of the best game show panelists of all time. She passed away this year, and in reflection at year's end, I wanted to pay tribute to her. Familiar to Match Game viewers are her "Good gravy, Marie!", the wigs, and her long strand of pearls, which Brett once said got from Ethel Merman. You had to love her interaction with Charles Nelson Riley and Gene Rayburn. She would talk about the hotel in Encino, implying that there was hanky panky between her and Gene, but you knew that she was only "fooling around." Once in a while you would hear her sing a piece of a song. I always regretted that I never heard or saw her in a Broadway show. Rest in peace, Brett. I'm glad that we'll always have your wit and humor on GSN.moreless