Brett Tucker

Brett Tucker


5/21/1972, Yarra Valley, VIC, AUSTRALIA

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Brett Tucker


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Get off your horse for a minute and in-between The Saddle Club Series 1 and 2, you find yourself working with the likes of Benjamin Bratt, Naomi Watts, Clarence Williams 111 and Josef Fiannes. Brett Tucker hasn't been slothful since the first series wrapped. He has been working…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • What a charmer!

    Brett Tucker is really good looking ... give him more scenes with his shirt off!

    I love the comic side of his character on McLeod's Daughters. I appears that it comes very natural to him.

    If there was ever to be a spin of show from McLeod's I would like to see Brett in it.
  • Brett Tucker!

    Brett Tucker!

    Brett was born and bred in the heart of Yarra Valley, Australia and after attending a few auditions, he soon landed the role of Daniel Fitzgerald of Neighbours. Neighbours is a global watched soap which gives Australian soaps a good name. Once in there, he recieved requests for all sorts of shows. As per popualar, he has a magnificent lead in the Saddle Club and is a continual cast member of Australia\'s popular Mcleod\'s Daughters. Mcleod\'s brings out his natural charm and makes him a top pick for anything. Though he admits that getting caked with dirt is pretty disgusting, he loves Mcleod\'s and hopes to stay on a a permanent CAST member.

    Brett Tucker is a one-in-a-million actor with all he has to always make you laugh!moreless