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Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green


7/15/1973, Van Nuys, California, USA

Birth Name

Brian Peter Green



Also Known As

Brian A. Green, Brian Green
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Brian Green was born on July 15th 1973 (Van Nuys, California) to parents Joyce and George Green. He has a step-brother Keith and step-sister Lorelei. Brian's father was a country & western artist and used to frequently take him along to gigs and soon got him interested in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • old class mate

    I went to high school with this guy, he was a loner, was very quiet didn't talk much. always sat in the very back row in class. We only had like 50 students at our school at Amelia Earhart high, next to North Hollywood High. he never did hook me up with that blond chick, o well, think he would remember me, i was a stoner dude back then.. hope everything worked out for him.. good luck budmoreless
  • Brian is my all time favorites. He has that look in his eyes when he look into peoples eyes just starring a little. That makes him so sexy. I like it when he gets agry at people in some point, that makes him sexy also.moreless

    Brian Austin Green is really gorgeous. He used to be a geek on Beverly Hills 90210 when he was young but he was still kinda cute though. Now he is gorgeous. He is a really good actor and I think he should act in movies more often. He is one of my favorites on 90210. I also like his music, too.