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    • Brian: (on being comfortable with the improvisational aspects of The Office) Yeah, with my background in theater in terms of ensemble and creating material, I'm totally comfortable with. The show is a hundred percent scripted, but in all of the scenes we are given some freedom. We can change certain words, to extend scenes longer.

    • Brian: (on The Office and his future plans) The show has been great. It is taking up a lot of time. I have a couple of irons in the fire here for the hiatus. I would love to work in films and certainly there are people I would love to work with, but at this point, I'm taking it step by step and enjoying my good fortune.

    • Brian: (on being recognized in public) Yes, it's happening a lot. I think part of it is, let's just say that I'm distinctive looking. I think that here in Los Angeles, I potentially stand out a little more maybe than some of the other people. People are very kind. It's certainly been an adjustment for me to make.

    • Brian: (about filming the pilot) True story: while filming this episode, Angela, Oscar and I, at various times, thought we were going to get fired. For real. Like us, the actors. We thought art was going to imitate life and we were going to be downsized. We didn't have any real reason for thinking this but we figured we were on the chopping block. That is my "behind the scenes" memory from that episode. That we were goners. So I am just glad we are around two and a half years later.

    • Brian: (on his television experiences) Every show is different. It's all been part of a process for me to figure things out. I got cast on The Office after I had been in Los Angeles for about four months. Because of how our show has been picked up and the number of episodes the first year just being six, really that was shooting the pilot, then just doing five more. There's been a lot of time in there where I've done these other shows, but The Office has been a constant for me almost since when I first came out here.

    • Brian: A lot of people from our show have done the Improv circuit and have done a lot of Improv stuff. I was a straight theater guy, so I spent a lot of time in Minneapolis and Chicago and around the country doing regional theater and just moved to LA actually about two years ago, maybe two and a half years ago now. So it's been a long time for me doing theater and I've just sort of started now to get into the film and television business side of it.