Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed


10/9/1937, Mexborough, Yorkshire, England

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Brian Blessed, a boisterous British actor known for his roles in many of Shakespeare's television and movie adaptations. Born on the 9th of October 1936 in the town of Mexborough, England and raised in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire. From a young age he showed a talent for acting, performing…more


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    • Brian Blessed: My friend Patrick Stewart, who I grew up with in Yorkshire, keeps crying, 'You're going to die on that next mountain, Brian.' I have to tell him, no I'm not, don't worry. I'm going to get to 100.

    • Brian Blessed: (Talking about his second attempt at climbing Everest)I'm going back there next spring, my third attempt. I've got to 8,500m without oxygen, virtually to the top, but I helped save a man whose oxygen had packed up and was dying, by getting him down, otherwise I would have done it. But I'll get to the top this time, and I'll be the oldest man to have done it. It's my magnificent obsession-well, one of them!

    • Brian Blessed: I work to feed the animals, The wild ones too, of course, because they all know I'm a sucker! And when I go away on long expeditions it has brought us close to bankruptcy a few times. But I have to do my adventuring, This, however, is my Shangri-la! My little bit of wilderness! I love peace and nature.

    • Brian Blessed: Adventure makes me incredibly happy, whereas theater rarely, spasmodically, makes me happy, so I think my days in acting are numbered, The experiences of exploring have been huge and there are very few acting jobs that can match it. Seeing for hundreds of miles off these mountains opens cavities in your brain. And you yearn for them and yearn for them. Then you go into a theatre and you find the black hole of the auditorium claustrophobic. In the theatre world now I do get the feeling of being an impostor. It feels like I'm denying someone else a job. I feel I must stop soon and go and do my first love. I have got to that stage where I just desperately want to commit the rest of my life to adventures. At the end of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang next March I'll be going off for months and maybe that will be farewell to acting.

    • Brain Blessed: Oh yes, the acting world love all the exploration stuff,'It's just wonderful Brian, just wonderful!' It seems to inspire people. I get thousands of letters asking whether it's dangerous. But it's not adventure unless it's tinged with danger. The adventure is in coping with it and the great danger is not taking the adventure. Besides, look how dangerous the world is. Acting at its best is holding a mirror up to life, as Hamlet said. But climbing Mount Everest is life. Certainly the idea of being an armchair philosopher – do you believe in God etc. – doesn't apply on a mountain. Because when an avalanche comes at you at 200mph, then you call for God pretty quickly. In the death zone, above 28,000ft, it's called the lifting of the veil: you do start to see things in terms of life or death. But you don't go there to die. You go there to live. And certainly what is absolutely positive to me is that life is the last word and death is not. 'Death, thou shalt die', as John Donne said.

    • Brian Blessed: The only real sports in the world are mountaineering, motor racing and boxing, The rest are just games.

    • Brian Blessed: Why do I get those roles? I think because most actors can't play them. They don't have the energy levels. I find a lot of the legitimate theatre quite dull. I find myself getting very bored. Ballet, grand opera, great films, I need things that are larger than life, that take you out of yourself. But I think I'm at my best being quiet. I mean, I can't stand showbusiness.

    • Brian Blessed: I always say: 'The greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure.'

    • Brian Blessed: (His view on Shakespeare) The blue planet has had its author. It would be greedy to want another.

  • The New ?

    BBC should consider Brian Blessed as the new Dr. Who.
  • Fanaticannie is a 30 something fandom Diva in the know of whos naughty and whos nice.

    At Memorabilia, Birmingham Spring Show 2006 I found Mr. Brian Blessed just as I wanted him to be!! All wide, mad eyes, big, bristly beard, loud, echoing, booming voice; complete with white woolly sweater and a giant, the world is my friend smile.

    I took a few photos of him, S. Jones and M. Anderson from Flash Gordon, as I stood to the side, elbowing people aside, shooting over heads.

    Giving up I left the interview room, pouty but just a few minutes after, the trio also emerged and paused at a little booth to take photos with people who had paid for the right.

    Again I stood off to the side, but this time I was standing four feet in front of and grinning at Brian Blessed. He was cutting his eyes between my lens and the other photographers. It was great.

    I didn't get any rave shots but I didn't care. He was so lovely with the girl that was posing with him. She was lovely too, a hearty, pretty brunette that could have just as easily been a cast member from Much Ado About Nothing.

    He made her day by grabbing her around the waist and ruffling her up like satin bed linen and finished off by grasping her cheeks in his massive hands and giving her a kiss.

    He then kissed the man next to her and as he strode off into the crowd, stopped patted my face and gave me a big ol' smooch too!! Colour me unable to speak and not that way very often!

    Later I approached the whole crew, Jones, Anderson and Blessed and told them about my 2 week, stuck in the house with chicken pox, I'm around eleven and I know every word of the script, 18 some at least viewings of Flash Gordon Marathon that had embedded them each so in my memory.

    They listened politely and responded accordingly with basically three different variations on Awwwwwwwww. They were very sweet. Two little side notes.

    I found out from the horses mouth that Ms. Anderson has folks down home where I'm from, so howdy to her fam in OK.

    Another tidbit, some lucky fan is walking around out there with a phone film of Brian saying G O R D O N S A L I V E if you are that fan and read this, e-mail me, I want a copy!

    Viva la Fandom, Cynmoreless