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    • Brian Boitano: (Asked if the creators of the movie South Park: Bigger, Larger, and Uncut had to get his permission to use the song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" in the film)

      No. In fact a few years later I had to ask for their permission. When I first heard about the song, I thought 'Oh, no...' knowing how they parody other celebrities, so I ran right out and got the cd. I listened to it and thought, 'Wow, that's not bad at all, its kinda nice, I guess they like me.' A few years later I wanted to sell some t-shirts to help raise money for charity and wanted to print 'What Would Brain Bonitano Do?' on them. I contacted the writers and got their permission to use my own name.

  • One of the best, if not the best!

    Brian Boitano first came to attention in Calgary back in 1988. As I remember him skating with the so-called "Battle of the Brians" contest. Between him and Canadian Brian Orser. Boitano was more athletic and landed all of his jumps and made not one mistake. While Orser, was more about footwork and artistry. It was a really close match and Boitano barely won the contest. He has since, improved on his artistry more and more. As his skating began to grew. Best known for his "Tano Lutz" jump, which is more difficult that the triple axel. Really talented and very good at his sport!moreless