Brian Bonsall





12/3/1981 , Torrance, California

Birth Name

Brian Eric Bonsall




Like many of his peers in their 20's, Brian has yet to make a profound mark in his life. With a cute and lovable appearance, he made a wave as a child actor. He did Coca Cola commercials with Art Carney. And Brian got his big boost as a last-minute casting decision as Andrew Keaton on Family Ties.

Brian was born on December 3, 1981 to parents Garth and Kathleen Bonsall. His parents divorced, and he was raised by his mother and step-father Ken Larkin. Born in Torrence, California, he was raised in Colorado, where he lived at least through the end of high school.

After Family Ties, Brian continued meekly in show business. He did a few public interest movies, promoting awareness for issues such as AIDS and juvenile molestation. The most visible moments of his movie career were lead roles in Blank Check and Mikey.

Brian has his moments of youthful experimentations, including lip piercing and a black arm band tattoo. And he has had his brush with the law - arrested in 2001, and stopped on suspicion in 2004 for drunken driving.

Not much information is available regarding any dreams or aspirations he might have. He has expressed an overriding in interest that supersedes any new acting opportunities that migt arise. Through his mid 20's, no mating interest has been identified.