Brian D. Johnson

Brian D. Johnson


Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA

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Brian D. Jonson, Brian Johnson
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  • I had the honor of meeting Brian when he first moved to LA where we worked together in a Bar/Restaurant in Marina Del Rey. As we were both from the southern US I had the further honor of developing a friendship with this amazing guy.moreless

    After the job we had both worked ran its term for both of us I was amazed to see him in a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.I ran into him once while I was still living in Los Angels. Unlike so many others I had seen "make it" in town I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was the same great guy that I'd worked with in the past.

    After our last meeting I had often thought and wondered about what had happened to him and how he was doing. As I was driving a big truck for some years watching regular television was a rarity. Then having retired for the trucking industry and settling down in South Dakota I was watching an episode of ,Charmed, "Ordinary Witches", with my wife to be when suddenly she was shocked with my yelling, "Hey! Thats my old friend Brian." Now upon doing my research I find that this guy is EVERYWHERE!

    Needless to say I have yet to catch all of his work. However that is in the progress of being fixed. I am betting from the performances that I have seen that his talent has remained in tact and I am willing to bet that he is as great a guy to work with as he was when we worked together.

    Watch out America that Southern Charm is no act nor should his work be taken lightly.

    Break a leg Brian! Great to see a fellow southerner doing so well.moreless