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    • Brian Dawkins: "For some people, it might not make a difference, but any time you have a job to do, you want to be the best and succeed at that job. You don't just chalk it up and say that winning or losing this game does not make a difference. I don't see us doing that."
      Brian Dawkins: "It's simple, ... I'm always striving to do more. Whatever I accomplish, it's not enough. I don't get satisfied. That's not my nature."
      Brian Dawkins: "That's the hard part that people don't realize. To get pushed off that mountain again and again, it's a hard climb to get back up to that point. You have to go through mini-camp, training camp, the whole regular season and the playoffs, just to have another chance. We've got confidence that we can get it done, but it's rough. It's a hard climb. A very hard climb."
      Brian Dawkins: "I can only hope that loss drives a lot of guys, ... I can honestly say that in my training sessions, my mind was focused on the fact that those last couple of steps off the field was somebody else celebrating once again in a big game. Personally, I don't want that to happen again, and I am going to do everything in my power not to have that happen again."
      Brian Dawkins: "You have peaks and valleys. At the end, after you've handled everything you need to handle in those valleys, you come back up in those peaks. We're at one of the peaks right now."
      Brian Dawkins: "So, we know what it takes to get off the canvas and dust yourself off and get going again, regardless of anything that comes about. We know how to stay focused on the goal."
      Brian Dawkins: "Some of them would just hang up. They'd be like, 'Is this Brian Dawkins?' I'd say yes and they would hang up. Others would be loud and I would have to take the phone away from my ear and they'd donate. A lot of time they would ask for different people - 'Could you pass the phone to John Elway?' It was a fun atmosphere."
      Brian Dawkins: "I was almost in tears when I walked in there and saw that I was going to be a part of that, answering the phones and hearing the joy in peoples' hearts as they were giving."
      Brian Dawkins: "Peoples' reactions were great,"
      Brian Dawkins: "You respect what he does and his speed and you have to play honest because of his speed, but there is nothing that really worries me. He runs the same routes. It's a go route and he throws his hand up if he feels he has you beat, which most of the time he feels he has you beat. They run a couple of dig routes and curl routes to keep you honest. It's the same thing."