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  • Bridgeport in my rear view mirror

    Would like to talk to you about above book I am working on about life in Bridgeport in 40's and 50's.
  • Everyman

    I have watched Mr. Dennehy's work throughout his career. He had mirrored my life in his career: military service, truck driving, bush pilot. His portrayal as a bush pilot in "Never Cry Wolf" flying an old DeHavilland Beaver with ongoing problems, taking off from a frozen lake, ascending over the tops of trees with inches to spare, I can certainly relate with that .... adventure!! I admire his ongoing work ethic, energy, and devotion to acting. Thank you Mr. Dennehy for a great career and for keeping on!
  • Great actor.

    Love him.
  • empty

    I needed to make a review of this guy because he is even more talented than I knew (producer, writer, director, actor). He was in some memorable roles-First Blood, F/X, Cocoon, and others. What sticks in my mind is how large the guy is. He could (may have) play a psycho killer somewhere.
  • He's the toughest teddy bear to ever appear on the screen!

    Although he only seems to appear as a supporting actor in many films, his starring role as John Wayne Gacy was an absolutely CHILLING portrayal! He's the kind of guy that you don't want to meet in a dark alley - tough as nails yet with a tender side that peeks through from time to time. Wish he would do some more full-length films. He only gets better with time!