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  • He is such a great voice actor.

    He is such a great voice actor. I absolutely love all of his voice acting. He makes his characters so enjoy to watch. I don't think that there's one character of his that I haven't liked. My favorite character he does is Rock Lee in Cartoon Network's dubbed anime Naruto. Lol. I love Rock Lee because Brian makes him crazy, funny, and so much fun to watch. (Rock Lee is one of my favorite characters on Naruto because of Brian's great voice acting.) I can't recall seeing him act, but I'm sure he's fantasic and I hope I get a chance to see him act soon. Brian Donovan is so incredibly talented and produces quality voice overwork. He really should be a bigger star. He's amazing.
  • The anouncer for jetix voice of rock lee a character I hate and some other good roles this guy is talented and funny.

    He has a funny voice Im trying ti become this guy's editor im his fan he has such a funny british accent that is if he is british this guy so talented on the way he laughs and gets mad this guy is so awesome I give this guy a 10 beacuse of the fact he got to be announcer for jetix wow this guy must be popular he should be in a movie or music video or have his own albums this guy is awesome wow im finally pputting 100 words in my review first time I have end.
  • Brian Donovan he's an awsome voice actor as Davis.When he first voice as Davis in Digimon Zero 2.I was liked he sounds cool! He's voice is too easy to catch and know.I mean every anime that I watched or movie.I know that it is him.

    This is why Davis is my fav character from Digimon.Because he has the coolest voice actor.I had watched all of Brian Donovan worked.This one time,I was watching this movie called "Ping!" It was about an dog.When it said who was voicing as him.It was him Brian Donovan! He did disappoint me that he didn't voice as Yuri in Digimon Tamer: Battle Adventure.It didn't make me angry.Altough,I know he has other things do.