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  • I love Brian Doyle-Murray

    I just love his deep voice. He has an senior old voice so, I'm guessing he does more grandpa voices. Still, with that voice. I just can't help my self. I just love his voice. Anything else I can say? I love him doing Captian K'nuckles in The Marvolus Misadventures of Flapjack. I feel, Captian K'nuckles is Brian Doyle-Murray. And, this is my 3rd person review. And, that's mainly it. Also The Flying Dutchman on Spongebob. That's one of the great voices hr did. The end. Rating

    Job: Voice
    Voice: 10; Love it!
    Plays in: 8; Good.
    Anything else?: 8; Not much.
    Bonus: 10

    Final Score: 7.2