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    • Rumors of tensions between Brian and former American Idol co-host Ryan Seacrest were confirmed when in July of 2007, Brian shocked the audience at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, stating "If wishes came true Ryan Seacrest would have AIDS," and that Seacrest "probably already has AIDS."

    • Brian is also recently co-hosting with Eric "The Astronaut" Lynch on The Idol Re-cap Show on Sirius' Howard 101.

    • On November 14, 2002, Brian attended The Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets premiere in Los Angeles, California.

    • Brian hosts an internet fantasy game.

    • Brian and Ryan Seacrest co-hosted American Idol season one. When season two came around Ryan stuck around while Brian ventured for something better.

  • Quotes

    • Brian (on leaving his co-host position on American Idol.): It was my decision, I'm not saying it was a good decision because, obviously, with the success of the show, it's a difficult decision to think back on and think I did the right thing. I agonized over it, really, but I quite honestly had a very diffucult time with how cruel the show was. It really affected me. I wanted to be a performer, not someone who introduced other performers.

    • Brian has described his role on Idol as that of a "talking monkey".

    • Brian: I have decided not to return for season two in order to pursue other opportunities in the world of TV and feature films.