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  • persoally in my opion he was one my favorite. Barney &Friend's male character's that was a genous and a friend that you could count on. A lot of girl's had a crush on him . I did. I also loved the way he danced and sang.

    He was the first boy in "Barney's BackyardGang". He was helpful responsable . And a nice boy who loved what he was doing. I had a crush on him at the age of 1. He made me laugh. He made me want to sing-along with the song's . He did the seson1 begin fundings and helped Barney &BabyBop out. He led song's like:
    "I'm A Little Robot"
    "Jhon Jacob Jingle HimerSmidt"
    *He made us girl's dance and want to sing-along with him and his friend's. He helped to watch the younger children and made sure they get home safetly and on time .